How can I desensitise my puppy to experiences when she’s not fully vaccinated?

Having a list of what you can do to expose your puppy to is so handy. Time goes so fast and your new 8 week old furry friend will need to sleep a lot. When he is awake make the most of showing your furrybubba your world.

Here are some ideas of what you can do. Remember to carry your puppy so as not to expose it to dangerous and fatal virus’.

1. You can go to your local skate park and children’s playgrounds while your puppy is not fully vaccinated. Here furbaby will see wheels in motion, the hustle and bustle of kids. Let them watch and ignore their reactions. Don’t ‘protect cuddle’ them as you want them to be confident with what they are seeing. Assure them with a tossle of their fur and encouragement of “good pup” in a happy upbeat voice.

2. Take them outside the supermarket. Hopefully here they will meet a range of ages of people and maybe some community members who have assistance walkers, wheelchairs and crutches. All of these things expose your pup to differences that are not alarming as you will be confident and encouraging to your puppy. Make eye contact and smile at the variety of shoppers going in and out from all races. Your puppy will draw attention to itself. When this happens, ask people to meet him. The more positive association with many types of people at a young age the better.

3. Visit Netball courts, Rugby/hockey/soccer games, Tennis and even your local swimming pool. If you let gatekeepers know that you are desensitising your puppy and won’t be putting it down – most are happy to help. Flying balls, jumping and running are all good things for furbaby to see.

How can I desensitise my puppy to experiences when she's not fully vaccinated?

4. The beach and rivers are great places to learn to leave sea birds and become familiar with wave and water action. It is safe to walk your puppy here and only in the wet sand line. Don’t let puppy meet other dogs though as they may not be vaccinated against Parvo. It’s not worth the risk.

5. Cafes and busy shopping streets. Even take your puppy into shops. They may never go into stores as an adult but the library of information you are giving your puppy is priceless to understand that your world is not a scary place. Busy streets with cars and crossings will help your dog learn to be wary and mindful of vehicles. Get them to sit and wait while you stand and watch the traffic go by. You can lay a plastic coated picnic mat down on the footpath for them to wait on and watch so they are not in contact with the ground that other dogs who may not be well have passed on.

6. Childcare, aged care and schools. See if you can pop in and say hi. This helps your puppy feel capable around mixed ages.

7. Friends houses. Let them meet their vaccinated Dogs and teach their dog manners with not playing rough. This will also help your dog play kindly with other dogs it will meet in the future.

Add to this list with any other ideas you may have and feel free to email me pics of your furkid in lots of different locations. I’d love to see the places you and doggo have been going to.

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