Goldendoodle puppies

Goldendoodle puppies

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Goldendoodle puppies for your family

My puppies are generally presold prior to their birth or just a few places available sometimes after their birth. To avoid missing out, please be in touch to join a wait list for a litter during the year from my girls Holly, Mabel, Heidi, Jewel or Flossy with their fathers being my studs Finnegan, Rory or Arthur. My girls breed just once a year each and all my puppies are full size Goldendoodles (never miniatures). I can help match which girl for what type of Goldendoodle puppy you are looking for. To follow my dogs and I daily visit my Facebook page

Update 20/05/24

Heidi our Brown and White Standard Poodle (with Parti Poodle father patched black and white; Mother blue black) is a rare to New Zealand colour. (please visit our parents page here to view her).  Heidi’s 2024 deposit paid waitlist is now full. Heidi has conceived puppies to our stunning Copper Golden Retriever Vincent prior to his retirement. Their conception was 1st May 2024 with puppies ready for you in September. This much awaited F1 Goldendoodle litter will have awesome personalities with a strong retrieve and toy interest. Both of our dogs Heidi and Vincent have neat natures. They are gentle and affectionate and we are very sure this will pass to their babies. We have no spaces available on the wait list application. These puppies will be ready for their forever homes from beginning of September at 8 weeks old.

When Heidi is bred with our Golden Retriever Vincent, their puppies will have a low/minimum shedding coat.  Colours of puppies will not be known until after birth. We encourage our clients to hold their reservation spot based on our breeding and puppy raising commitment rather than based on colours of babies.

Update 20/5/24

Holly our relaxed and kind tri colour black/brown/silver F1b Goldendoodle (25% Golden Retriever 75% Standard Poodle) wait list for puppies ready for their homes in April 2025 is now open.

Holly will have terrific Goldendoodle Retrievers to our gorgeous English Cream stud Finnegan. Finnegan is a large boy of 34kg and so gentle. Holly, an experienced Mum of two previous litters produces babies that are dark in colour that can mature to have stunning accents of caramel, silver and chocolate. This particular combination of a higher Golden Retriever mix than a F1 (50/50 mix) gives a coat of low shedding relaxed surfy waves. Our clients from her previous litter adore their pups and have found they have very little coat shed and enjoy all the characteristics of the Goldendoodle breed with more Retriever aspects. Holly’s babies will all have beards, moustaches and adorable natures.

Holly will conceive in December 2024 with her puppies ready in April 2025. Her deposit reserved wait list is now open so apply now so you don’t miss out.

Update 20/5/24

Flossy our gorgeous F1 Goldendoodle who a luxe cream fleece coat large girl will partner with our majestic white Standard Poodle lad Arthur in March 2025 with puppies available in July 2025. (please visit our parent page here to see Flossy and Arthur).  This super clever mix will create an F1B (the same breeding as our black tricolor girl Holly). Both Arthur and Flossy have fun and gentle natures. They are patient and kind dogs that are super smart that certainly has passed on to their first litter of babies bred in January 2024. Their puppies from their first litter were a wonderful mix of fleece like Flossy and some puppies with wool coats. Your puppies coats need to be groomed every two months at a professional groomer or with your own grooming clippers and scissors. They will be tall doggos when grown up. They both carry white genes so we expect the babies to be crisp and light in colour.  Our wait list application for Flossy and Arthurs 2025 ready puppies is open. Please apply now to avoid missing out.

Update 20/5/24

Jewel our gentle copper and cream Goldador (94% Golden Retriever 6% Golden Labrador Retriever) April 2025 conception (ready in August 2025) conception is now open.

Jewels Standard Poodle partner Rory and her will produce a beautiful mix of F1 puppies. Jewel is an absolute sweetheart with a gentle loving nature. It has been wonderful raising Jewel from a puppy here at Bellawai. Her puppies will have soft swirly coats of low to no shed wool which will require grooming at a professional groomer. Jewel is robust in size and Rory as lighter framed purebred DNA tested Standard Poodle as daddy will give the puppies a traditional Goldendoodle look and in rich toffee caramel colours. Jewel and Rory’s puppies will not carry a fade gene so their caramel colours will richen with maturity.

We have 8 spaces on the wait list application for Jewels litter in her April 2025 conception with puppies ready in August 2025. Her deposit paid wait list is now open. Please apply now to avoid missing out.

Update 20/5/24

Mabel our gentle Goldador (95% Golden Retriever 5% Golden Labrador Retriever) December 2024 (ready in April 2025) conception is now full.

Mabel’s Standard Poodle partner and her produce a beautiful mix of F1 puppies like her son Percy (see parent dog pics). Mabel has a wonderful warm personality.  Mabel is a wonderful dog and we have such a close bond – like I do with all of my furkids. Her puppies soft wool coat puppies require grooming every two months at a professional groomer or with yourself with the right grooming equipment. Her puppies will be tall doggos when grown up. Some puppies will have the broader Retriever body and head and some with the finer Poodle body structure. I am able to determine their body type at the time of their births. You are welcome to request the shape you prefer. All of Mabels puppies have beard and moustache furnishings. Your groomer will be able to shape their coats in the preferred styles you like. When Mabel is mated to Arthur their puppies carry the fade gene as all white Poodles do so we expect the babies that are born caramel and gold in colouring which will fade to beautiful golden creams as they do with a white Poodle parent.  To a dark Red Standard Poodle we expect coats to hold caramel and toffee colouring. We have 8 spaces on the wait list application for Mabel’s litter in her February 2026 conception with puppies ready in June 2026. Her deposit paid wait list is now open. Please apply now to avoid missing out.

Please let us know through our Contact page if you would like to apply for one of our Heidi and Vincent, Flossy and Arthur, Mabel and Rory or Mabel and Arthur puppies.

Previous litter of Mabel/Prince – all sold

Goldendoodle puppies

Each fluffy friend comes with their first vaccination, worm and flea treatments from two weeks old and two vet checks at two weeks and six weeks to track their health. You are kept in contact with the progress of your baby and of course, you can come and visit your furry friend too.

Our dogs and your puppy are raised on premium vet quality food. There are no dog rolls or homemade meals as we want to assure your puppy has the correct nutrition for their developing bones and body. This is an expensive commitment from us and we won’t cut corners. This will help you to no end with limiting fussy eating habits too.

Your puppy starts positive clicker and voice training from 4 weeks old and at this time they also begin open crate training. We do this so there is less stress on you and them when they leave our home and so the puppies are prepared for ongoing crate training with you. When your baby leaves us, it will come with a blanket and toy that smells like Mum. Your puppy can be collected from us or we can help you with flight or pet bus arrangements at your cost. Your baby is ready for their home between 8 -10 weeks old.

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Enjoy the images below. For the latest images of our puppies please check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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