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Welcome to our Bellawai Dogs Blog

Bellawai Dogs is devoted to providing fur parents with all the advice and information we can. This blog covers many different topics including everything from puppy care, health advice, quick tips & tricks, dog training, answers to your common questions and more.

These areticels don’t go into depth on dog training as all Bellawai puppies begin clicker and voice training at 6 weeks old. Your puppy learns to sit and recall-follow. We use enthusiastic voices when training the pups, so as to give positive words which you can carry forward when you take your fluffy baby home. Remember each our clients receives three training videos of myself and puppies from previous litters, and these are supplied by us in advance of taking our puppy so you have time to review techniques they have already learned.

If you like these articles or if you have any questions please let us know via our contact page.

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