Goldendoodles, Groodles & Retrodoodles puppies from Bellawai Dogs, breeders based in the Bay of Islands, Northland, New Zealand.

Bellawai Goldendoodles ~ Totally passionate about dogs

Bellawai Goldendoodles ~ Totally passionate about dogs

Welcome to Bellawai Goldendoodles. This is me, Maria, in front of the camera this time. A bit about me… I LOVE dogs. I feel so comfortable with their willingness to please and their ability to do so with very little verbal conversation from us. Dogs do best without growling and reprimanding for their mistakes. Dogs want to learn from us and please us. I use verbal praise and clicker training with our dogs any your pups.

Life Coaching was my former career. Specialising in working with children, adults and families navigating Neurodiversities like ADHD, Autism and Trauma. My website holds my online store and my published book Bounce Back. As a long time contractor to a family harm counselling service; it was my role to help women rebuild after sexual and family harm. I have felt privilaged to work many years in these areas and bring a lot of my gentle training concepts into raising my dogs and your puppies. My training as an HR Training and Development Manager has been key to supporting my roles with humans and animals.

You will find me talk a lot about Nurture and Nature. I believe how the parent dogs are raised reflects a lot to do with the increase or reduction of stress hormones on the puppies.

This is why I have my own dams and studs. I also know that trauma can be healed and brains have an enormous amount of plasticity – so even with a difficult start for some dogs, they can recover and be safely attached to loving patient families and breed beautiful pups as long as they have passed DNA and temperament testing.

I am registered for obedience  with Dogs NZ (formally NZ Kennel Club) and are a member of the Bay Of Islands Obedience Club.

I took time to learn from a great Dog trainer Rebecca Roper, from Okay K9’s in the Bay of Islands in private lessons for nearly a year. This was after I had learned a few basics with my old Goldendoodle Polly, at an obedience and agility club in Whangaparaoa Auckland. Rebecca and the Whangaparaoa trainers taught me how to get my dog to want to work with me and for me.

Our dogs have their own playground at home which our youngest helped Si and I create for a bit of fun. There are outdoor baths as plunge pools with large gardens to play in when they are not in our main family gardens.

If you would like to know more about us and our breeding program please contact us.

Glad you’re here!

Enjoy the images below. There are more photos are on our Facebook page and we would love you to follow the dogs lives there as well as enjoy new regularly updated photos on our website here.